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The new fragrance by Chanel

Before founding her House, Coco Chanel was Gabrielle.
A rebel at heart, passionate and free. The inspiration for the new women's fragrance by CHANEL. Floral, solar and luminous.
The film
Her name tells a story. She fought to gain her freedom to become the woman she wanted to be - free and radiant.
Chanel Gabrielle
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The Fragrance
The new women's fragrance by CHANEL is a pure floral. A solar flower based on a bouquet of orange blossom, jasmine,
ylang-ylang and Grasse tuberose. 4 white flowers, 4 points of light that mirror the 4 corners of the bottle.
ingredient - Jasmine
An enveloping, exotic and creamy flower.
ingredient - ylang-ylang
Green and fruity this distilled flower
shimmers with vibrant notes.
ingredient - orange blossom
Orange Blossom
A fresh and sparkling flower.
ingredient -Grasse Tuberose
Grasse Tuberose
New at CHANEL, a rare and precious flower
divested of its leather notes.
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Chanel Gabrielle bottle 50ml
Chanel Gabrielle 50ml
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Chanel Gabrielle bottle 50ml
Chanel Gabrielle bottle 50ml
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